Web Applications Testing

We perform a functional web testing. We follow your designed test cases over different target browsers on different OS that you define. This include different environments from desktops, tablets and mobiles. We want to integrate this with your development cycle, so we aim to perform short time test over different environments.

We provide:

  • Access to a report tool where bugs can be evaluated by your team. If you want we could use your own tool.
  • Tester Lead: Our specialist that coordinates the run of the test, the scope and first triage the bugs to ensure the best possible correctness of reported bugs. It is a manager that is in between testers and client.
  • For the browsers defined by the client, we will make sure it displays correctly and consistently in them.

You could choose between different approaches:

  • If needed, we could develop the set of test cases prior to first time we run this
  • One shot test. Run it for fresh release you want to test of your app. Not specifically intended to be integrated on the development cycle of the app.
  • Multiple shots. Iterative testing for application development. In this mode we integrate with the iterations in the development cycle of the company preventing the rise of regression bugs.
  • Exploratory Test on specific applications + Responsive Design application testing on different technologies. Here no test cases are developed, just general guidelines to follow and areas to cover
  • Automation of test cases on stable environments
  • Bug verification. We work with bugs corrected by the client and follow the steps indicated on them to check if is still happening or not.

Test Cases Design

Web applications testing in different environments. Quick cycles to know your apps health

Web Application Testing

Web applications testing in different environments. Quick cycles to know your apps health

Mobile Testing

Testing of applications in a wide variety of mobile environments including Android and iOS operating systems

Test Automation

Test automation of web and mobile applications using Selenium Webdriver and Appium. Get faster results anytime.

Coaching on QA

We help you to implement QA and testing best practices in your organization

Test on Traditional Apps

Test upgrades for your hired customisation of your legacy apps before those go to production